The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh
The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh

What We've Done This Term - A Snapshot

Start of a New Term


We've had a superb start at nursery, the new children have settled beautifully and are enjoying all of the many activities and toys we have on offer. The preschoolers have settled into their new class so well and so quickly, we've even been able to start phonics with them! We are all looking forward to Forest School classes starting this week.

Leavers Day


Our school leavers enjoyed their Picnic and Treasure hunt today, we had great fun in the Rectory Gardens playing lots of pirate and parachute games and trying to stop Captain Hook from stealing our toys.  Tinkerbell helped the children to recover all the toys he'd stolen and we were all very happy when Peter Pan made a surprise visit with the treasure.  It was lovely to see so many parents join in the fun and to see the children receive their Leaver's Goodie bags, thank you for coming.  Thank you also  Reverend Roy for allowing us to use your garden for the day.

Intergenerational Care
We had a wonderful morning visiting Moat Lodge, our local Senior Living facility.  The residents, as always, went to so much effort to make us welcome and have fun, providing lovely art and craft activities, games and lots of singing from both the children and the residents. I hope the residents had as much fun as the children did. We really look forward to visiting next month. 


Forest School

We are all really enjoying our weekly Forest School classes. This week the children had lots of fun building dens, they've requested making "real" fires soon, so they can cook marshmallows!

Dad's Drop In Session


This Saturday we had a great 'Dad's Drop-in' session. The children took pride in showing their Dads around the nursery and showing them some of their favourite activities.  We all had lots of fun.

We appreciate you all taking the time out of your weekend, to bring your children along. 

We are looking forward to next term when we will hold our 2nd Dad's Drop-in of this school year. Dads, Grandfathers or U

ncles are very welcome?

Please remember all parents/carers are welcome to come to Stay & Play at any time (speak to your child's room leader should you would like to do so)

Risky Play's OK!

Involvement in risky play gives children the opportunity to access risks and manage situations. Even very young children are taking risks, which in turn lead to new learning experiences, such as walking, running, climbing and riding a bike. Each of these activities involves some risks but they are necessary for the development of children and risky play is not different. Risky play gives children the opportunity to extend their limits and learn life skills. Success and failure provide children with the motivation to try again and work out different ways of doing things and how to master new challenges. 


Children love that 'butterflies in your belly' excitement that comes with risky play.

British Values


You'll have all heard of 'British Values', this is an example of how we promoted it this week at The Acorn Nursery School. 
Our little ones in Catkins and Squirrels set up our Role Play Area.
They used;
Democracy: They spoke about and decided what props they wanted in there, they helped each other move (light) furniture around. Then a little problem occurred, we asked for 1 hat, but 2 children went over to get it. Do they argue? No, one of them says "It's OK we'll just use 2 hats"
Rule of Law: The children listened and followed instructions when it came to cutting paper and using the scissors safely. 
Individual Liberty: Being able to be involved in the decision making of what they wanted in their role play area promoted self esteem and pride.
Mutual Respect and Tolerance: Is the role play area "How I would set it Up"? No it probably isn't. But it IS what the children wanted. As adults we need to hear them and respect their wishes also. In return they will learn to do the same. The children all took on board each others actions and were excited to share the experience. 

Our 2 and 3 year old's were involved in some amazing learning. They practised using scissors, they worked as a team, they communicated well and had their voice heard. They can now make a connection between a nursery rhyme with role play, and role play with real life occupations. All this at the tender age of 2 and 3 years old!

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