The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh
The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh

Nursery Updates

We've had a super few days, we welcomed  our returners and many new families.  We're  happy to be able to use our inside classrooms again, as well as the abundance of safe, secure and exciting outside areas.  It's wonderful to see the children moving freely from inside to outside again, welcome back freeflow! 
Our furloughed staff are back, joining our lockdown team and we're all working hard, having to get used to a different way of working now, in an effort to keep everyone safe. Thanks to our parents, who've been amazing, following our very rigorous  Covid-19 policy. 
Thanks to our lovely children who, as always, are enthusiastic, happy and a joy to be with.  Here's to a happy and healthy Autumn 2020!

A monster story for a Monday Monstersaurus

Thanks to Sarah and Rose for reading today's story, it's lovely to see you both The Detective Dog

Some more suggested ideas of things to do at home. Please keep adding your pictures to tapestry - it's great to see them! Week 2

Meet the teacher today is Mrs Sandell. She is missing you all!

This is a fun activity where the making is as much fun as the using! 

A Monday morning story from Mrs Crowder Don't Eat the Teacher

Enjoy our last story of the week?. Have a lovely weekend The Pig in the Pond

Some more ideas of activities from tapestry that we can do at home. Thank you for the amazing observations you have added Week 1

Thanks to Gracie and Nancy's mummy, Danielle, and their big sister Bonnie, for showing us this lemon volcano. Cut a lemon in half, scoop a little out of the middle drop a little food colouring in and add some Bicarbonate of soda. It's messy so best done outside or on a tray. Lemon Volcano

We are sure you must be missing all your teachers during lockdown so we will be doing a post about each of your teachers so you don't forget them

A Julia Donaldson story to start your week Room on the Broom

We hope you enjoy our story Night Monkey Day Monkey

Tapestry have created some advice on observations and activities that you can do at home. We are starting today by sharing this post about home learning and doing observations. Please enjoy sharing your photos on tapestry but feel no pressure to do the activities. It should all be about enjoying the time and activities with your child. Send a message to this page or email Acorn if you're unsure and want some help 


Welcome to Maia, who went to 'big school' last year, and her mummy Tamsin who are our guest storytellers today, reading 'Down by the Cool of the Pool' by Tony Mitton.Down by the Cool of the Pool

A bit of story magic for today Possum Magic

The sun ☀️ is shining again and this a brilliant idea for in the garden Water Wall

This is a great story and it's free to download Coronavirus for Children

Acorn Nursery is delighted to welcome our first guest storyteller. Reading Stickman, by Julia Donaldson, is Bella one of our preschool children and her mummy Lisa. I hope all you enjoy the story as much as we did.Stickman

Story time about Teddy Where's my Teddy? ?

Check out the Sticky Kids Workout Podcast. The children will be familiar with the
exercises as we use the CDs in PE. Have fun. Sticky Kids

We are starting this week with a book from Julia Donaldson. Enjoy! Tiddler  ?

Today's story is by Mrs Sandell. We are sure you will enjoy it Owl Babies ?

We hope you enjoy our next story - it's a bit scary! Alan's Big Scary Teeth?

This is a lovely story for our children to listen to Time to Come in, Bear

This social story might be helpful for children to understand the changes at the moment Stay at Home

Winnie and the Midnight Dragon Winnie and the Midnight Dragon

A fun way to get the kids active Activities

Monkey Puzzle read by Mrs Hastie follow the link to read the story Monkey Puzzle 

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