The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh
The Acorn Nursery School Cranleigh


Dates for your Diaries 

Autumn 2020

Term Dates 

Thursday  3rd  September  to   Friday 23rd  October (Inset training day 2nd September)

                                 Half Term

Monday  2nd  November   to   Friday 11th December (Christmas Parties 14th December)


Home Visits-New children starting

Regrettably, due to the current restrictions, we will not be making Home Visits this term. Nor will

we be holding our Autumn Term ‘Meet & Greet’ meetings, however our Manager and Deputies will ensure you are fully informed with all the necessary information for the coming term and beyond..


Parents in Partnership

We have 2 Class reps, Acorns-Sarah Pettyfer, (Rose’s mum). Catkins & Squirrels-Mandy Crook (Noah’s mum) Their role will, primarily, be to organise social get togethers for you all (only if you want to of course) Maybe for a morning coffee, lunchtime sandwich, evening drink or pizza, play dates in the park for the children etc. There’s a ‘Parent’s Only’ Facebook page, which you may find helpful. Also the Class Reps, if you need them to, can be a go-between for you and nursery. Some parents/carers might be a little nervous talking to the staff, especially if it's your first time in a school environment. Whereas having another mum to talk to and pass requests, comments, onto us, anonymously or with you name, might be helpful to you. You can, obviously, always speak to any of the nursery staff at any time!

Sarah-  Mandy-


Extra Curricula Activities

We will only be offering Planet Soccer this term. Planet Soccer is suitable for all rising 3 and 4 year olds. This is a commitment for the term and should be paid for, in full, at the start of term.

Planet Soccer - Fridays      12 sessions  £44  

 Like all activities, due to COVID, we aren’t sure at this time if we can have extra curricula visits, or even use the school hall. This will be confirmed at the start of term.


Intergenerational Care visits-Moat Lodge 2nd Wednesday of the month (For Acorns, Pre-school children only)

Parent’s permission is required. Please see our website for further details or speak to any staff member. Intergenerational care is really beneficial to both the children and seniors, previous year groups have loved visiting Moat Lodge. here are so many positive articles about Intergenerational Care, this is one of many

We aren’t sure, because of the current situation, whether Moat Lodge will want to see us this term. Hopefully we’ll be welcome again soon.


Forest School Classes  - Every Wednesday & Thursday (For Acorns and older Catkins)


Saturday Dad’s Drop-in 10.00 to 11.45  ‘Stay & Play’ sessions. Saturday 10TH October

All dads (and working mums), and their nursery child, are very welcome to come along to nursery to play. The children really do enjoy “Daddy” coming into their nursery, we only offer this once a term so do try and pop along. Please let us know if you’d like to attend.

Stay & Play for ALL parents/carers:

You are invited into nursery (Squirrels, Catkins & Acorns) for a ‘Stay & Play’ session (for an hour or so) with your child. If you’d like to, of course, it’s not compulsory!  Please speak to your Room Leader to arrange a date

Again, both these activities need to be confirmed due to the current COVID situation!


Christmas Nativity Performance/Carol Service     Tuesday 8th December 09.30 at St Nicolas Church

All nursery children will be involved in the performance so please keep the morning free.  Friends and family are very welcome. Coffee & Mince Pies afterwards, in the Church Rooms.

We really hope that our Nativity/ Carol Service will be allowed this year, at the moment St Nicolas Church isn’t allowing any singing and restricting numbers.

Rehearsal dates – Tuesday 24 November and Tuesday 3rd December for ALL children. 9am at the Church if your child isn’t in on Tuesdays, otherwise normal time and we’ll walk the children over.

Further details to follow


Christmas Parties  (No nursery today, just the parties)

Monday 14 December     ALL Catkins/Squirrels 9.00 -11.00

Do come along to hear the children sing, for Carol Singing and to see Santa arrive at 10.15

Term ends after the party for Catkins

Monday 14 December    ALL Acorns 9.30 -11.45

Do come along to hear the children sing, for Carol Singing and to see Santa arrive at 11.00

Term ends after the party for Acorns





Thought for the Month 

                                         Draw it for me,  

  Cut it for me,

Paste it for me,

Put it together for me,


All I learn is that you do it better than me!




Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives.


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