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Term Dates 

Tuesday  20 April    to     Friday 28  May (Inset training day 19 April & Bank Holiday 3 May)

                  Half Term 31 May- 4 June

Monday    7 June    to     Friday 16 July


Home Visits-New children starting

Your Room Leader will arrange a Home Visit, from either herself and/or child’s keyperson. We know from experience these visits help with the settling-in process enormously and the children bond with the staff quicker. (Sadly this will not be possible until Covid restrictions lift)


Parents in Partnership

We have 2 Class reps, Acorns-Sarah Pettyfer, (Rose’s mum). Catkins & Squirrels-Mandy Crook (Noah’s mum) Their role will, primarily, be to organise social get togethers for you all (only if you want to of course) Maybe for a morning coffee, lunchtime sandwich, evening drink or pizza, play dates in the park for the children etc. Covid restrictions allowing obviously. There’s a ‘Parent’s Only’ Facebook page, which you may find helpful.

Sarah-  Mandy-


Extra Curricula Activities

Planet Soccer (for all children) will be joining us again this term. Planet Soccer is great fun and hugely discounted. It’s suitable for all age children. This is a commitment for the term and should be paid for, in full, at the start of term. If I can fill your space if you’re away, I’ll refund you. WE ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF SPACES LEFT.   We are fortunate to be timetabled into CPS school hall on Tuesdays, as well as Fridays, and all children, in their own bubbles do PE / Music & Movement / Drama. 

Planet Soccer - Fridays  12 sessions  £48 (This may drop to 11 sessions if the Farm trip goes ahead)


Le Club Français Acorn (The Acorn French Club) ACORN preschool children only 
Mrs Sandell & Pierre will be back this term to continue with our French Club

Sadly, due to possible Covid cross infection, it’s looking unlikely that neither our Lending Library nor our Travelling Teddy will be starting at the beginning of term, hopefully sometime during the latter part of the summer term though.

Intergenerational Care Visits-Moat Lodge (For Acorns, Pre-school children only)

Again, due to Covid we will not be visiting Moat Lodge this term. We will, however, continue with our very successful Zoom meeting with Tapestry Senior Lunch Club.


Forest School Classes  - Every Wednesday & Thursday (For Acorns and older Catkins)


Summer Photographs   Tuesday 8th June  We will be outside for all the photos  Individual, sibling  and Leaver’s Group photo

9.00 Siblings of all TUESDAY children(Acorns/Catkins/Squirrels), please be prepared to have a short wait.

9.45   For all Catkins & Squirrels    If you’re not in on Tuesday please come along at 10.15 for their individual & sibling photos.

11.00 For all Acorns children  If you’re not in on Tuesday please come along at 11.15 for their individual, group and sibling photos. We really want ALL Acorns in for their Leaver’s group photo.


Saturday Dad’s Drop-in  (Working mums are welcome too) Saturday 10th July 10.00 to 11.30

All dads, and any working mums, and their nursery child, are very welcome to come along to nursery to play. The children really do enjoy “Daddy” (and Mummy of course) coming into their nursery, we only offer this once a term so do try and pop along. Please let Mrs.Sandell, or any of the staff team, know if you’d like to attend.

Stay & Play Sessions for all parents/carers:

You are invited into nursery (Squirrels, Catkins & Acorns) for a ‘Stay & Play’ session (for an hour or so) on either a Monday or Tuesday, with your child.  If you’d like to, of course, it’s not compulsory!  Please speak to your Room Leader to arrange a date.

(This can only go ahead once the Covid restrictions lift completely)


Sports Day–Acorns Children (On CPS Lowers, back field) Wednesday 23 June 9.05 to 10.30ish (2nd Date in case of rain 29/6)

All pre-school children take part, as do mums, dads and grandparents.

Normal nursery resumes, for Acorns class,  at the end of sports.  Further details will follow closer to the event


Sports Day-Catkins/Squirrels(On CPS Lowers, back field)Wednesday 23 June 10.45 to 12.00ish (2nd Date in case of rain 29/6

All Catkins and Squirrels take part, as do mums, dads and grandparents. Please take your child home at the end of sports, unless they are staying for the 5/6-hour session, 5/6-hour children will need a packed lunch as normal.

Further details will follow closer to the event, but keep the date free.



Leave Cranleigh 9-30am return to Cranleigh by 3-00pm (latest) for school pick-ups

Everyone (family & friends) are invited to join us on our annual Fisher’s Farm visit, so please keep the date free. Hugely discounted farm admission, children over 2 years and above, this includes most of the attractions. Under 2 years are free.(Price TBC) We have decided not to book a coach for this year’s trip, if enough of you need transport, we’ll look into booking a mini bus There is no normal nursery on this day. Further details to follow at the start of term, but keep the date free.


Leaver’s Picnic /Treasure Hunt and Leavers Presentation  (Acorns, Pre-school children only)

Tuesday 13th July 10.30 to 12.45(ish) Mums/carers please join us for a picnic at 11.45          

Tuesday children drop-off as normal 09.00 at nursery, if you’re child isn’t in on Tuesday please bring them to nursery at 10.30. The Leaver’s Picnic will be held in the Rectory Gardens. Mums, please join us for a picnic lunch at 11.45, after lunch you can watch the children find the treasure. You’ll need packed lunches and a picnic rug. We’ll take the 5/6-hour children back to nursery afterwards unless you prefer to take them home.


End of year Lunches- Friday 16th July  for all children  We hope the children will join us on the last day of term, to celebrate the end of the school year, and the start of the summer holidays.  We’ll provide the food and drinks.  Normal drop-off times for Friday children.  If your child isn’t in on the last day of term, we’d love them to join us for lunch, please bring them along at:

11.45 to 12.45 for Catkins/Squirrels Term finishes at 12.45 for ALL Catkins/Squirrels      

11.30 to 13.00  for Acorns.               Term finishes at 13.00 for ALL Acorn children




Acorn’s Class Mobile      07575 581574  (School hours only)   (Suzanne Sandell- Nursery Manager)

Catkin’s Class Mobile      07575 581593  (School hours only)  (Sharon Gardner/Wendy Hastie Deputy Managers and Joint Catkins Room Leaders)

Nursery landline               01483 271976  (School hours only)

Manager’s email     

Pauline Crowder               07710 317267 

I deal with all things financial, also extra, or change of, sessions.  Also contact me if you have any issues that the Manager, Mrs Sandell, can’t help you with.   Please speak to Mrs Sandell or Mrs Gardner & Mrs Hastie for any day-to-day queries.





Thought for the Month 

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents! Now end of term has landed, get your boots on and get outside and play!  


Stay Alert, Socially Distance, Control the Virus, Save Lives.


Summer Term Dates

20 April      28 May

half term

   7 June       16 July

For details of all our summer term activities check out DATES FOR YOUR DIARY     


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